Texas Spring

As much as I can’t believe the words as I type them, after almost seven years of living in Texas, I have to admit that there are some aspects of it that I really am starting to like.  The weather is beautiful this time of year, and the fact that we can spend our afternoons outside in shorts and tank tops in March still astounds me.  The wildflowers are particularly stunning, and I’ve fallen in love with bluebonnets in particular.  Their color is all their won and so unique, they are similar in design to a snapdragon when you get up close, but not so similar that you can really call it that.  To drive by patches or fields of them is simply gorgeous.  However, I’ve noticed more and more that nature in general in the area is starting to grow on me.  I found myself admiring God’s creation more and more on the walks we take – especially on the greenbelt path that runs along side our neighborhood – which is now the only way Inara and I walk or ride over to the park.  The other morning when I took Inara to the park before MOPS we also went on a walk around the shortest walking trail, and I suddenly just started taking picture after picture after picture on my phone – wishing I had remembered my camera, because everything I was taking in was simple and pretty and amazing just as it was.  The crazy juxtaposition of delicate pretty bluebonnets growing in bunches surrounding large growths of cacti in front of trees dripping in Spanish moss.  There was just something about it all that I finally “got” and really appreciated.  I still don’t understand why people intentionally use cactus in their landscaping – it just isn’t pretty that way, but I do kind of see how they are attempting to recreate the natural beauty around them – it just fails miserably though.

I’ve also realized with this most recent time change how pretty a sunrise can be, when you take the time to actually look at it.  I by no means am a morning person, and I certainly don’t enjoy getting up before the sun, but on the days that I can pause, even for just a few minutes, and watch the night fade to gray then streak with pinks and then blue as the sun peeks up over the houses – it’s majestic.  I still prefer sunsets, but I’m learning to see God’s beauty where and when I can – even if it’s at 6am on my way to the shower.

The following pictures were all taken either at the park the morning Inara and I walked and played before MOPS (the nature ones) or the morning of Daylight Savings as I was getting ready for church (the sunrise).  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do – and know there are many many more of them.

You can click on the images to see them full sized.


One thought on “Texas Spring

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the sunset ones and thank you for the close up of the bluebonnets. I have never seen them up close. It is always a field of them from a distance that I have seen as we are driving by on the highway at 65 mph. They are really unique and very blue.

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