Taco Taco!!

Taco Taco is a San Antonio icon in the world of yummy breakfasts.  It’s a Trinity staple, and has been featured on Food Network and in Gourmet Magazine.  All of this is pretty awesome, considering it’s a hole in the wall and the whole place isn’t as big as half our house.  But there is a line around the parking lot on your average weekend morning and a wait time almost any other time they are open.  Until recently though, Inara wouldn’t have been able to handle the wait – if it didn’t have a play place or instant service, odds are she would get restless, cranky and screamy.  However, that’s changed in the past months!  So, last Saturday, we decided to introduce her to Taco Taco, a milestone for any San Antonio kid. 🙂

Sucking on an ice cube while we wait for breakfast.

Taco Taco signage, for documentation and authentication of local.

Huevos Rancheros, scrambled – hold the Ranchero sauce.  My staple, and I think the only thing I’ve ever ordered at Taco Taco.

Inara got a bean and cheese taco all to herself.

The traditional “draping of the tortilla”. Their fresh tortillas arrive at the table so hot, that the first one or two you drape over the top of your drink glass to cool it off so you can actually hold the thing to eat it.

Chris’ Huevos Ranchros, all mixed up and headed into a tortilla.


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