At the park

Yesterday I took Inara to the park in the morning. Chris’ car is having problems, so Inara and I have been driving him to work in the mornings. Not really a big deal, except that if we have somewhere to go or something to do odd are it doesn’t open or start till 9 or later. Which leaves us girls at least an hour between dropping Chris off and getting wherever we are going. The last couple weeks we’ve spent a lot of time at McD’s and Chick-fil-A hanging out in the playscape.

But it’s spring already and I’m determined to get as much outside time as possible before it’s too hot! So despite the 50* temps, we were enjoying the quiet of Walker Ranch Park at 8:00am before my MOPS steering meeting.  Inara enjoyed having the whole park to herself, and I enjoyed some peaceful outdoor time to finish waking up.


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