Clay Casa Birthday

On 3/7 Inara had another artistic experience – this time of a whole new type.  We were invited to a birthday party at Clay Casa, which is a paint your own pottery place.  Each of the kids at the party got to choice a piece from a predetermined selection and then they were given glazes in different colors to use to paint their item.  Inara chose a panda bear sculpture, and went from there.

All done painting – I let her do as much on her own as she chose – I painted the two paws just to show her what to do and how it worked, after that I let her paint what she wanted as much or as little as she chose in whatever color she desired.  I haven’t seen the final piece yet because we had to leave it to have it fired and haven’t gotten it back yet, but I’m really excited to see how it turned how.

One of the birthday sisters Adelynn – she was turning 2.

The other birthday sister, Gabriella, turned 6.


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