Artworks Again

On 2/26 We went with our ABF play group to Artworks Studio.  This is the second time Inara and I have gone, and I the difference between the two visits was amazing.  Inara was much more interested in the different stations, and not as persnickety about getting messy this time around.  We made A LOT more art projects to bring home, and had a great time.  I think the extra art time she’s been getting at home helped, as well as just being older this time.

This was one of her favorite stations.  You poke a paper plate in the middle and place it on this old record player.  As the plate spins you draw with a marker on the plate to make fun designs.

The end product (one of several we made that morning)

Here are a couple short videos I made of Inara at this station.

At this station you used toy cars dipped in paint then “drove” them around the paper.  Another station Inara returned to several times.

Just classic painting here.  Tape a big sheet of paper to the wall and have fun.  I love that the trough for holding the cups full of tempera paint is a long gutter and the wall is a large sheet of melamine attached to the wall.  It is an idea I have for including a work station in our own home someday.

Lunch when everything was said and done.

Thanks again Artworks – you always do such a great job of expanding our kids artistic horizons in fun, exciting, approachable ways!


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