Pretty Pretty Princess

On 2/5 Inara went to her very first Princess Birthday Party.  Inara still isn’t much of a “dress-up” kind of girl (with the exception of necklaces and hats/wigs) so we didn’t have a real “princess” style dress for her to wear, but we made do with her Halloween tutu, and she was fine with that.

It was somewhat of a hot mess trying to fit all that tule into the car to get there though…

During the party all the princess (and the one prince) got to make a crown (really cute and fun idea I give Amy an A+ for that idea!)

And there was a royal procession where each princess and the prince were announced and got to slowly (and with a bit of chaos and confusion at the top of the stairs) waltz down the stairs and enter into the living room (then go have lunch – crown shaped PB&Js it was really cute!).

At one point, this princess got a bit too fussy and bratty and had to have a time-out.  her tiara kept slipping down her head and blocking her eyes – I took this picture covertly so as not to distract from the punishment at hand.

It was a lot of fun, and Amy (the birthday girls’ mom) really did an amazing job and keeping the party both low-key and super cute and on theme at the same time.  It was a great first Princess party. 🙂


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