Resolutions: cuz everyone else did…

This year I have very few resolutions, mostly because I still have a huge list of 101 things to do before July of 2012.

So really, I only have two goals for 2010, and I’d like to think they are readily attainable –
Get rid of it and add to it. :-p
I want to declutter my house, the whole blasted thing. Not that I can totally measure, but my goal is to get rid of half the stuff we own. In accordance with this Chris’ new years resolution was to let me. In the past, he’s always made a big deal about me asking before I toss stuff, so I’d stick in a box or pile for him to go through and he never would. So I’ve been given clearance to get rid of it. I expect to be making lots of trips to goodwill, children’s home drop centers, half priced books, and kid to kid, as well as making lots of piles in the front yard and putting it on freecycle as a first come first served basis.
Part 2
Get a baby. Ideally I’ve decided the stork is real and Chris breastfeeds. Realistically I’m working on emotionally readying myself for 9 months of nausea, vomiting, soreness, leaky bladder, and eventual restlessness and the inability to get comfortable. Oh, and quite possibly horrible acne if it’s a boy. After that I know comes sore breasts, sleep deprivation, and possible PPD, oh and possibly another C-section and the pain and healing that goes with it physically and emotionally. (on a side note, I’ve just decided that instead of the current methods of stress interrogation, they should simply impregnate suspected terrorists then make them deliver without drugs and breast feed for 6 weeks – I bet we’d get all the answers that we wanted. And women the world over would rejoice because it would mean men could carry and deliver babies – thus evening the playing field). This is all just the normal stuff that goes along with pregnancy, childbirth and infancy for me, and includes none of the bonus baggage related to the late term loss of an unborn child. Maybe now people will begin to understand why I haven’t rushed into having more kids despite wanting them for years now. It’s not a fun thing for me – at all – to be pregnant. I’ve decided that any woman who “enjoys” being pregnant is either a bold face lier or delusional. I’m just laying it all bare here.
Along with Part 2, Chris and I have talked and are plowing into research into fostering to adopt because the next child we add to the family after this, will have come from someone else’s’ body.
So, there you have it – my two huge goals and realistic expectations for 2010 (on top of the other list too!).

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