Still not a Christmas post

Yes, I know, Grandparents want to see the pictures from Christmas – well, you’re still going to have to wait, because this isn’t that post 😉

You see, for Christmas, I got a new toy – specifically, a toy much like this one. That’s right, I got a new digital camera! OK, so it’s not the DSLR I’ve been wanting, but no one I know can afford to buy me a $600+ camera right now, and I’m OK with that. I just wanted a new point and shoot because the one I’ve been using all this time is Chris’ from… High School, early collage? Not sure, I just know it’s old, and big, and clunky, and doesn’t have half the megapixles of a new model. I’m grateful to have had it, and that it’s taken the beating I’ve given it, but I’m thrilled to move onwards and upwards. So, because I’ve spent the last three days (I opened it during our second Christmas) playing with my new toy and it’s great setting (It has a FOOD setting!) I have a montage of non Christmas related pictures to show off – cuz I’m in love!

First picture taken with the new camera. I love my Newton cat 🙂

This morning for Breakfast we had these, because of this:

Playing our new game Dominion that we got from Michael – awesome game, seriously!

It even stores nicely.

New outfit and awesome converse (even if they are pink) from Gram and Gramps – she hasn’t wanted to take them off for two days, except to sleep.
Tonight we went to our friend Hannah’s 2nd birthday party

Setting up our new tent – more to come on this one…

Enjoying the blueberry pancakes – her first ever!
Look at the blueberries on my hands and face!

Our neighbor gave Inara this new slide – she loves it 🙂

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