Thanksgiving menu plan

This year, we are having more people over for the big coma inducing meal than ever before, thus bringing about some changes in the way I handle things.

First off I started cooking weeks ago!
Pecan Pie got done about a month ago and Pumpkin Pie was finished last week. Yesterday started this weeks tasks and I started with Cranberry Sauce and made three more fruitcake batches (I still have one more to do) as well as planing the cooking/cleaning schedule for the rest of this week.
Secondly – I’m outsourcing, for the first time ever, I’m allowing our guests to help bring the food (OK, I’ve let people bring rolls or something before, but that’s it and I’m not sure it counts, oh and one year Julia and Paul brought green bean casserole, but I don’t like or eat that so I always forget that part). This is a BIG step for me as the over the top perfectionist in me is freaking out a bit over the fact that something may not be the way I’d do it. But, the realist in me remembers how crazy I was last year trying to parent and prepare turkey day festivities all at the same time, and I relented.
Also, I learned last year that the more people, the more space they take up and the more dishes get dirty both prepping and eating – so this year we bought ourselves a 6 foot folding table to set up a buffet as opposed to trying to get it all on the table, and we’re using paper plates and cups (with turkeys on them!) so that our dishwasher is thankful too. 🙂
So, here’s our Thanksgiving menu (including as many recipe links as possible) or at least the parts I’m preparing (which granted is still a large portion of the meal, but I’d have it no other way)
Turkey (including the extra 24 hours prep of brining it – it was SOO good that way last year!)
Dressing (cooked out of the bird – unusual for me, but the way we did it last year and I couldn’t tell the difference honestly and I’m told it’s less hazardous this way)
Mashed Potatoes (one of our guests has a fairly sever dairy allergies, so they are bringing their own mashed spuds too)
Sweet Potatoes (on sale for 19 cents a pound – I bought SEVERAL pounds – you may see many ideas on what to do with sweet potatoes in the coming weeks :-))
Izzy’s Green Jell-o Salad
Family Punch (OK family, does this actually have a name of some sort, or is it just the punch our family always makes so therefore I call family punch?)
Honey Pecan Pie (from The Book as is the Dressing recipe, but that one they have online too – hence the link above ;-))
Our guests are supplying the rolls (homemade and I’m told yummy), salad, green beans, and a veggie tray as well as some other desserts possibly.
I’m looking forward to the food and the fellowship – and as always if you need somewhere to go and dont have it yet, we’ll have plenty of food and lots of fun for everyone. 🙂

One thought on “Thanksgiving menu plan

  1. We brined our turkey this year too. I first tested it with just us, and then informed my mom that we were doing turkey my way if I was in charge of cooking. I tweeked his recipe though. I doubled all the spices, just because last time, I ended up needing to add water to what was already there and the flavor was there but it wasn't what I wanted. This time around, it was everything I wanted it to be the first time. 😀 Then again.. I do love me some flavor heh. And I had to use rubbed sage instead of the fresh herbs since .. well.. I couldn't find any lol. 🙂

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