Muffin Tin Meal 11/18

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

This week’s Muffing Tin theme is “Foods Your Child is Thankful For” which was a bit beyond Inara’s scope. So, I chose some foods I know to be either favorites or ol’ standbys that I can usually get her to eat no matter. I figured if that was the case, she’d probably be thankful for them.

Clockwise from top left (and Inara’s translation): Dried Fruit with Banana Chips (Oout & Nana Ips), Cheese (Eese), Waffles (Affles), Ketchup (Dip), Macaroni and Cheese (Papa), Hot Dog (Ot Og).

Doesn’t she look so thankful :-p

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