Self bribery

Do you see this: This lovely luscious candy cane beauty? Soft creamy peppermint ganache enrobed in white chocolate then stripped with red. That’s right my friends, Christmas has arrived at Godiva and with it has come the Candy Cane Truffle. I made myself a deal this morning while shopping with Inara. I bought one of these lovely individually foil wrapped lovelys, brought it home and put it prominatly in the front of my refrigorater. Then I told myself that if I kept track of everything I put in my month Monday Morning – Sunday evening I could enjoy this as dessert Sunday night. I even said that I didn’t have to stay in my calorie count, I just had to keep track of it if I put it in my mouth.

If this bright red eye level insentive works – I’m going back next week for another only then I have to stay within my calories to earn it.

Lets see if it works 🙂


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