Seriously now… do you know this woman?

Do you recognize those gorgeous red locks and the cute little punks? Do you know who she is or what she’s done lately?

Do you know she’s coming to Austin?!
Here’s the plan 12/3/09 (yes, that’s a thursday) this lovely Pioneer Woman is bringing her Griswald Family Book Tour to Austin and we could go meet her! I know I can’t be the only crazy person out there trying to figure out who’d watch their kiddo for a couple hours till Daddy got home from work so that we could leave and drive to Austin at 2pm to stand in line FOREVER to meet an instantly charming and hilariously odd woman such as this.
So – Who’s with me, or do I have to make this trip all by myself?

2 thoughts on “Seriously now… do you know this woman?

  1. funny you say this. I was just talking to Brittany and Sarah B about the fact that she is coming to Austin. I mentioned we should all take a day trip to get our books signed. I didn't realize it was at 2:00. I definitely think a lot of people would be interested.

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