This week

Check it out – not only am I “on time” with this weeks menu – I’m actually posting it a day early 😀

Of course, this is only because our menu this week consists of:
Potatoes and Milk (with some variations for Inara) in various forms including, baked, mashed and in soups.
In an effort to really really jump start us back on the weight loss track, Chris and I are trying a more cost effective and authentic “slim fast” plan. You see, nutritionally – in the correct quantities – together milk and potatoes are nutritionally balanced and sustainable. It’s how the Irish survived (until the potato famine at least) so we’re giving it a try this week.
We’ll be eating “normal” breakfasts, small but sensible lunches and then potatoes for dinner. I don’t have a “menu” per say, just whatever fixin’ seems yummy when it comes time to make dinner that night. Soup though is certainly on the menu – I even bought leeks for the first time in my life to make a really basic but yummy veggie soup.
Also in the cards this week – Inara’s got speech on Wednesday, and thats mostly it. I’ve got a lot of sewing and prep work I need to be working on for Etsy & MOPS so I’ll be spending a lot of time cutting, sewing, and planning.
Oh, and Daisy has a check up on her heart condition on Friday with Dr Dobson – hoping for some “good” news.
Hope you have a great week!

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