This week – a day late

This weeks menu and plans:

Monday: (Pasta)
Original menu was Spaghetti but we ended up eating at the HEB cafe and enjoying an evening of family grocery shopping – a nice change of pace for me.:-)
Tuesday: (Ethnic)
Chicken Fried Rice (Making a double batch to freeze)
Wednesday: (Something New, also the day I do my Don’t Panic cooking)
Chicken Oreganto (Making a double batch so, 12 servings total)
Tortilla Soup
Leftovers/something from the freezer/McDonalds – Friday is our small group night, so it all comes down to whatever’s quickest and easiest to eat away from home since we meet Chris somewhere after work to eat together before bible study. When the weathers nice we like to picnic at the park otherwise it’s usually McDs
Might not do Pizza since we’re being treated to Pizza for lunch for helping our friends move.
Roast Chicken
On the calendar:
Inara has her 3rd Speech therapy lesson w/ Jacki (they are a weekly occurrence now, and she really enjoys them)
Chris is working late at his 2nd job both tonight (Tuesday) and Thursday leaving Inara and me on our own till after bedtime.
Saturday we are helping the Elkins move and Molly & Jason are getting their Inara fix (thanks for watching her guys!)
Sunday we are teaching Inara’s Sunday School class (we do this on a monthly rotation now)
Cooking for the freezer:
Already mentioned the Chicken Fried Rice and the Chicken Oreganto, but I’m also hoping to make a Broccoli Rice Casserole (divided in 2 since it makes 8-10 servings) and some Italian Herbed Bread.
Random other stuff:
This morning at Bible study, Muffin Tin Monday’s came up in discussion and I came home and looked at it all again (it’s an idea I’d seen before but didn’t totally understand/appreciate or implement in any way) to get a better feel for it. I think that Inara (and I, lets be honest) would have lots of fun with. So I’m trying to figure out what day of the week would be best to plan a muffin tin meal (Monday’s are bad for us do to a busy schedule). You may start to see posts on our muffin tin fun pop up as I get a feel for the idea and start to experiment with the different themes and stuff.

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