Crazy in a good way

Let me preface this post by saying I’m good to not ever go to Jo-Ann fabric on a Saturday ever again if there are great sales and demo day.

With that said let me go on to say we got some great stuff!
Between the money Chris’ parents sent me for my birthday, and our blow money for this paycheck I have a couch full of awesome in the living room (yeah I need to get it cleaned up and put away). With the help of their great sales and 50% coupons we spent in total about half of what we normally would.
We bought:
2 curtain rods (both 50% off) for the front window(s) in the living room, so we can finally get them up and I can make some curtains
2 HUGE bags of fiberfill (buy one get one free)
3 yards of muslin (on sale $1.50 a yard, about 50 cents off)
2 packs of needles (buy one get one free) one of heavy duty needles to sew denim and upholstery weight type fabrics and one for sewing knit fabrics
1 deluxe rotary cutter (50% off coupon)
1 spare blade for said rotary cutter that is a pinking blade (50% off coupon)
1 rotary self healing cutting mat (18×24) (50% off coupon)
1 rotary cutting guide/ruler (6×24)
9 yards of tulle netting for Inara’s halloween costume (50% off)
2.25 yards of fabric to make wings for Inara’s halloween costume (40% off coupon)
1 yard of knit jersey for Inara’s halloween costume
I’m so excited to get some work done with my new toys!

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