Little Green Balls of Death

If you’ve never been to Seattle, you should go – while you’re there one of the best places to visit (especially if you’re a foodie) is Pike Place Market it’s full of amazing foo, amazing people, and home to the fish tossers. 🙂 While taking it all in, make sure to read the display signs in the booth, you may just discover that instead of marking Brussels Sprouts as Brussels Sprouts, they are called “Little Green Balls of Death”, and if you do discover something like that, it is likely that your family may refer to this produce as such for the rest of… always. This will be especially true if you and your family are among the 90%* of the population that doesn’t like them.

What does any of this have to do with anything… well, I’ll tell you 🙂
Wednesday on our menu plan is the theme of “Something new” this week I found a recipe in Real Simple Magazine that looked yummy, but it’s side dish definitely stretched the realms of my taste comfort and feel into “Something New” – yup, you guessed it, little green balls of death. But they were prepared in a way I’d never had before, since growing up, the few times I remember mom forcing our three bites on us, she simply boiled them.
Well, I decided to try it, maybe I’ve been inspired by Julie Powell’s bravery in the Julie/Julia Project or maybe I’d just lost my mind, who knows.
Needless to say, I used this recipe from Real Simple for Roasted Pork with Brussels Sprouts and Apricots.

The inspiration picutre (doesn’t it just look yummy!)
How mine turned out:

Not bad for a balanced dinner. My apricots weren’t as pretty bright orange as theirs but otherwise, I’d say I did pretty good wouldn’t you? Oh, and check out my awesome yellow napkins – 50 cents a pop for 8 at Goodwill – I love vintage bargains!

And because I think she’s so cute, I snuck this picture of Inara while we were saying Grace.
The end results – the pork was great, I thought the sprouts were actually pretty good, Chris and I both agreed that the apricots were gross and way too salty – they are however the only part of dinner Inara ate, so I guess there really is no accounting for taste. lol

*Statistic has no actual fact basis, just me tossing out numbers


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