Clover Lane: On Childbirth

It’s official, Clover Lane is fast becoming another one of my favorite mommy blogs. The way she says things, it’s like what I’ve been trying to put into words for years, and exactly the way I would say it. Today, she broaches the sometimes controversial issue of childbirth. I’m sure by now, most of my friends and family realize that I’ve always wanted a truly natural childbirth – and that I’d absolutely love to have a home birth some day. I’m sure the same people realize the fact that with Inara I had a C-section, which wasn’t even remotely my first choice, and that with that act (be it for the better of mom and baby or not) my OB cemented my decision to find a new practice as soon as Inara was born.

I now see a group of Midwives for my standard well woman checks, and I’ll continue in their services with any and all future babies that come along. I love how warm, welcoming, and safe their practice feels, and I love how helpful they are with any and all questions or concerns I’ve ever had since I started seeing them. I’m also thrilled to death that they fully support my choice to attempt a natural birth after Inara’s C-section. Chris likes that they deliver in a hospital – lol.

All that being said – I by no means am trying to (or will I ever try to) force my opinions on child birth (child raising or ANYTHING else) on anyone, I will however, allways say – with as much firmness and urgency as I can – DO YOUR RESERCH! Know, fully know and understand, the choices you have available to you, familurise yourself with any options, or alternitives you have at your disposal.

Read the post linked below, becaue yet again, her words capture mine better than I can. 🙂
Clover Lane: On Childbirth


One thought on “Clover Lane: On Childbirth

  1. We used a midwife with Aubrey at a birth center, but when Jeffrey was born, I was working at a hospital. It was basically free to use an OBGYN and do it at the hospital, so we did (because we were broke!) I think the midwife was WAY better!

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