This week’s plans

I’ve been slacking off, but here I am, back with a plan. 🙂

This weeks menu:
Pasta with Parsley-Walnut Pesto (and added chicken)
with: salad
Chicken Fried Rice (it’s a WW recipe from Take Out Tonight and it’s SO good!)
with: Veggie Egg Rolls
Beer-Barbecued Chicken
Chicken & Gnocci Soup
with: Salad & Bread sticks
Pepperoni Pizza
with: Salad & Bread sticks
BBQ Pork Riblets
Pot Roast

A friend of mine (one of the ladies I’ve met through and will be serving on MOPS steering with) Ashley also includes what’s on their Schedule for the week, I like this and will be adding it to my weekly status posts.

This week we’ve got:
On Monday (today!) Chris and I are going back to healthy eating – you know, counting calories, exercise the whole shebang.
Tuesday my Interface bible study starts – I’m so excited and looking forward to this!
Thursday: DC has a standard vet appointment for a check up and vaccines and I have my intake interview with ECI for Inara’s speech therapy.
Friday our small group is set to start our new fall study
This week is Chris’ brother Michael s birthday, and my cousin Martin’s birthday as well – Happy birthday guys!

Now, I’m off to do my work out video, in my living room, that still has no curtins in the front window… hope no one drives by and laughs lol!


One thought on “This week’s plans

  1. Isn't it great! It really keeps me on my toes to have a menu and what I want to accomplish that week. Although I can't let crossing off my list keep me from focusing on the simple things-like kids-LOL!

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