This week

Trying to get back into a habit of actually cooking means menu planning. A seriously over shot budget this past payday, means cooking and planning whats already in the house as much as possible!

This week’s menu:
Monday (Pasta): Chicken Pesto Pasta with corn (and maybe almonds) w/ salad
Tuesday (Ethnic): Koobideh Kababs w/ Naan, hummus, and Rice
Wednesday (Something New): Grilled Honey Chicken Kabobs w/ Grilled veggie skewers and biscuits
Thursday (Soup, Salad and/or Sandwiches): Chicken Gnocchi Soup w/ salad and bread sticks
Friday (Pizza): Pizza

This weekend Chris and I are going out of town to two different bed and breakfasts in two different parts of Texas (North Austin and Fredricksburg) to (finally) celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. Inara is staying with our friends Molly and Jason so I’m not cooking Saturday. I don’t know if we’ll be home for dinner on Sunday or not, but if we do, I’ve got some one pot freezer meals (volia – we love that stuff!) that I can whip up.

I also told Chris I’d make him some muffins for breakfasts this week, so I’ll be doing that tomorrow. 🙂

have a good one everyone!


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