This idea has been poping up in several of the mommy blogs I read this week. This morning after seeing it in two more places, I decided we’d try it for lunch today.

Cut an uncooked hot dog (or two) into quarters then spear it with around five pieces of dry uncook spaghetti.

Push the pasta so you’ve got about half on either side of the hot dog chunk. Older kidos would have fun helpping. Inara just wanted to eat and didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let her.

Put you octodogs into a pan of boiling water. Don’t they look like they are sitting in a hot tub relaxing.

As the pasta starts to cook they’ll start to slip fully into the pan. I found in my slightly shorten pan I needed to help a little, but a deeper pan probably wouldn’thave the same problem.

Then let them boil. So, when you can’t throw it against the wall to see if it sticks because its poked through a hot dog chunk how do you know if the pasta is done?

When everything is cooked, drain it and put it in a bowl.

My dilema, do you serve with BBQ for the hot dogs or sauce for the pasta?

Inara wasn’t sure at first but really curious.

She decided BBQ sauce went best. Actually after the first bite or two she just ate them plain, totally unlike her.

— coming to you live from my iPhone.


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