Red White and Tacky ’09

So, I’ve already been asked what this:

turned into

To answer the question, let me present this photo mosaic from the Red White and Tacky party on Saturday…
As you can see, Inara’s dress turned out to be a bit more adorable and a bit less tacky (although she gave it a good go by wearing her pink crocs with her Patriotic get-up). I used this tutorial from Joy’s Hope to design and sew her outfit, it was super easy and turned out positively adorable (and for cheep I might add) so you may very well start seeing more bandana dresses on our little girl in the near future. I went with my favorite skirt how-to to sew up my Obama skirt and did the head scarf on a whim and without any real guidence.

The party was great, and the Elkins (Ben in particular) stole the show I think the feux hawk compleated the short shorts and 100% american ensamble nicely. The food was great, the games of Washers looked fun (though I never got to play myself) and despite the heat (a record setting 4th and the air conditioner went out too, don’t worry Kadane’s it wasn’t that bad really!) I think everyone had a really good time – I know we did!

Next year for sure though, I want to find a parade to take Inara to, I’ve seen way too many posts about 4th parades this week not to miss them!


2 thoughts on “Red White and Tacky ’09

  1. For a parade next year, you can put a flyer out in your neighborhood for your 1st Annual Fourth of July Parade. Put a 9:00 am time to gather at your house and form a line. Tell them to decorate kids, bikes, trykes, wagons, animals and themselves. Have someone lead the parade with a big flag or banner and take the parade around the cul-de-sac and maybe the next street. Those that don't actually get in line to parade will love to watch as the colorful parade marches by. Fun for all.

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