Happy 4th

This afternoon we are going to our ABF (Sunday School)’s 4th of July party. The theme (thanks to the lovely and awesome theme party creator) is “Red, White & Tacky” – Dress yourself and your kiddos in the tackyist red, white, and blue gear you can find and come celebrate the 4th of July.” I got totally into it and decided to make outfits for Inara and I – Chris decided to be a party pooper and declined all offers to both buy or make him anything so he’ll just be normal boring Chris. I just put the finished stitches on my outfit this morning and am super pleased and excited by everything I’ve made!

You’ll have to wait for the next post with full party pictures to see what I’ve created, but I will give you a preview if you’d like.

Next year, I’d like to try and find a parade to take Inara too, and I guess it won’t be too long and I wont have an excuse and we’ll have to do fireworks too, or maybe we’ll just skip that tradition all together and come up with others of our own.

Hope you are all having a safe and fun 4th, whatever your day holds!


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