The next big adventure

Well, I think were are coming up to another milestone in Inara’s life.

Thats right, Potty Learning.

Inara has been showing the begining signs of readyness for a couple weeks now, so before my retreat I went online and reserved seven books and two DVDs from the library. The DVDs and four of the books are for Inara and the other three books are for me.

I just turned on the first DVD (Elmo) and settled Inara into her chair with a snack. She is actually watching, which in and of itself is pretty amazing.

We’ll see what happens, I’m not going to rush anything.

The only concern I have, is- I don’t like the word Pee. What do you call it in your house?

— coming to you live from my iPhone


3 thoughts on “The next big adventure

  1. What do you plan on using the word "pee" for?Trophy's "go pee" comand is "Go Potty" (correct grammar it is not, but i don't want to stand near anyone with my dog telling him Go pee!" I also say "Go poopy", but that one's not as accurate as far as commands go!I did a Thesaurus search of "urine" and this is what it came up with: chips, discharge, droppings, dung, evacuation, feces, manure, perspiration, secretion, stool, sweat, body waste, egesta, excreta, fecal matter, ordure, urine, waste matter funny, i thought "feces", "droppings", "dung", etc. were ANTONYMS of pee, but apparently the thesaurus knows better than i do. *eyeroll*

  2. Well, if you're listening in on the Elmo dvd, you will hear plenty of suggestions for the word. We have that video, but that was ALL we had going into potty training, and you know how well that turned out. 🙂

  3. I had a student that said tinkle– it was really cute; although girlie so I don't know what we will use– Tee Tee is very popular among my current class of 2year olds.

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