Budding artist?

Yesturday, our Church’s play group went to a really cool place called Artworks, which is an art studio for kiddos.
I forgot my camera and only had my phone so the pictures are limited, which is too bad since this place was so neat! There were several stations were the kids got to try out differant activities. I think we brought home about 6 differant items (we could have done more) in total now I just need somewhere to display them. I also got several great ideas on how to get Inaras play to include more creative options. By the end we were both wearing a good amount of paint, despite Inaras smock.

Rolling toy cars in paint and then over the paper. She came back to this a couple times because she wanted to play with the toys I think.

We took the same peice with us and colored on it a littke with some oil pastels.

In the playdough area there were dinos that she was rather interested in.

They offer open art time often, so we may be making a return trip soon!

— coming to you live from my iPhone.


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