Have you heard

Have you heard about craft hope? They are “a faith-based, love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate”. So far they have had two amazing projects that benefited orphans and children in need in Mexico as well as in Nicaragua with two separate crafting themes. I myself didn’t find out about Craft Hope and their projects until the very last days of project 2 when it was too late for me to do anything toward their goal. So, I wanted to share with you all early, that they have announced project 3! which will benefit orphans in India. So, if you have any crafting skills in the area of baby/small child goods (they are specifically asking for blankets, caps, and booties) please get involved, even if it’s just one item that you can take the time to prepare – that’s one more child reached and many more lives touched through your generosity!

Not a crafter? You can still help! Go wander around Etsy for a while and buy up all the lightweight baby blankets, caps and booties you can get your hands on and send them off to Craft Hope! Not a crafter, and your broke? Just spread the word – write about it on your blog, facebook, twitter – share with your church groups, friends and family. Odds are if you tell enough people at least one of them will get involved somehow!

Can you really tell this little one no?


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