Come on in the waters fine

Inara LOVES the pool, water, or being outside in general, and we tend to get in the pool at least once every three days if not more often. Most of the time, she just enjoys getting in and out and in and out and in and out on the top step.

Sitting on the top step

and splashing in the water.
She’s also become rather insistent that her feet be clean all the time, so several times a day, especially if we are outside without shoes, you find Inara in this pose, getting the grass and dirt off her feet. In this case, they were already satisfactorily clean because she had just dipped them into the water rinsing off the grass clippings that had been there moments before. But, you know, she still had to make sure.
When she’s in the pool with Daddy, they practice going underwater for very short bursts (a second or less probably) so Inara can start learning that it’s not scary, to close her mouth, and feel secure in the water.

She really liked this the other day, and every time Chris would stop, she’d sign “more more”. Then when we told her it was time to be all done and get out, she sat resolutely on the top of the pool edge with her feet coyly dangling into the water signing “more”.
But no matter how much she insisted, it was time for inside, bath, and bed. The bubbles in the tub won her over in the end though.


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