Cloth diapers…

For the few of you who may not know, in this house we use cloth diapers. Currently, we use a mixture of cloth and disposable, probably a little more cloth than disposables, maybe a 60/40 mix. Our church nursery won’t change cloth, and asks we use disposables instead. So any time Inara is in the children’s department (Sunday mornings, weekday bible study, MOPS etc.) she’s in disposables. We also tend to use disposables overnight, because that girl PEES! We have to buy special cloth diapers formulated for overnight usage (they hold like double the amount of moisture) and she’ll still get up in the morning with a completely soaked diaper. She also gets put in a disposable at random times, or on wash days if most/all the diapers we use or all her covers are in the washer. When she was younger, I’d say we used cloth much more frequently probably close to 90% of the time. Then, when she switched to solids and weaned we started having major problems with our washer (which as you’ve read recently SUCKED) not getting the diapers clean all the way, so she had constant diaper rash. So we dropped the cloth all together for about 6 months and used only disposables. Then around February/March I started thinking about alternatives of getting the diapers cleaned, and in March/April we pulled everything back out, gave the diapers several good deep cleanings (or what cloth diaper users would call stripping) and changed tactics. We started using a wet pail diaper pail, where all her dirty diapers would go into a pre-soak of sorts in between washings. This has helped considerably, and we’ve managed to rid ourselves of almost all our problems! Now that we have a new washer, I’m still trying to find out the best wash routine, but we haven’t really had any big issues.

I give you all this background information, just to point out that, like most things that were important to me with my kids (breast feeding, discipline procedures, and other aspects of the way we raise them up) cloth diapering has something I have had many struggles in, but feel very important in the ways I want my family to grow, so I’ve faught with it and for it.

This week, I’ve been treated to one of my favorite blogs Simple Mom addressing one of my favorite topics Cloth Diapers. She has covered a lot of the basics, answered a lot of common questions and concerns, and addressed some of the myths and wrong ideas and negative connotations out there about cloth diapers. And Friday, she has posted a review of some of the most commonly used types and brands of diapers, and also a giveaway with five different readers the chance of winning!

So, for those of you out there who’ve thought about (or haven’t even considered) cloth diapers for your current or future little one’s, I recommend reading her posts. Heck, you could even enter the giveaway -who knows you may win and get the chance to try it all for free!


3 thoughts on “Cloth diapers…

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