because I need resolution in some way…

To the woman behind me in line at JoAnn’s – it really is in poor taste to tell me I’m an awful parent with obviously no regard for my child’s health or welling one moment because I let her stand in the cart basket instead of forcing her to sit in the seat part which she gets out of and stands up in anyway (thus making it more dangerous). Then turn around and laugh at her misdeeds and inapropriate behavior the next while appologizing for laughing explaining that your kids are all grown so it’s now funny when it’s someone else! Really, it just made me want to turn around, yell this in your face and hit you. However, I simply ignored you, kept my cool as long as possible (although had that line moved any slower, I think I would have ended up having to just leave because I couldn’t hold my tounge a minute longer given the mood I was already in before your nosy, rude, and annoying comments) and then left the store steaming mad!

Thus concludes my public service announcment for the day.

Ugh I am still so frustrated!


4 thoughts on “because I need resolution in some way…

  1. Oh Courtney, if I only had her number. I definitely applaud you for keeping your cool…I don’t think I would have. When it comes to baby Jack, my protective mode overrides everything else. By the way, glad that I have found another passionate Grey’s fan. I don’t think Izzy is going to die, I think George might though. Meg

  2. sorry, i'm not a weirdo. Just lurking for a bit and couldn't help but comment on this…I have had more bad experiences with those kind of people at JoAnn's than anywhere else. I too let my son ride in the basket part. He's happier, safer and that's all that matters. Kudos for keeping cool.

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