Picnic breakfast

This morning, Chris and I decided to play hookey from Church in hopes of an extra hour of sleep. Thankfully the whole family got the much needed rest. After we got up, we decided on Breakfast Tacos from Taco Cabana. As we were pulling up, Chris syggested getting them to go and heading for the park, so thats what we did.

Inara of course had no interest in eatting and only wanted to go swing. So I cramed down my taco and got her started. Soon after, Chris took over.

Daddy pushes faster and higher, so she was happy with this change.

After lots of swinging, we wandered back to a picnic table, where Inara agreed to eat a couple bites of taco. But like everything else, she had to do it her way.

Then it was back for more swinging.

And a few minutes on the playscape.

Giving daddy kisses through the bars.

— coming to you live from my iPhone.


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