Growing Like a Weed!

I think it was only, maybe, three or four months ago that Inara split open the butt of her pants so we made the switch from 12 to 18 month clothes after being in 12 month size for nine months or more I think.
Well, this past week or so, I’ve discovered that not only were her size 18 month bottoms getting tight over her big cloth diaper butt, but some of her tops were getting hard to put on too. Well after a HUGE screaming fit this morning getting dressed, I decided to make the change to 24 month clothes. Only problem is we didn’t have very many warm weather (and it’s 95* outside right now!) items. Well, I went to Wal-mart and got about 5 outfits, well keep her 18 month dresses for now, because they still fit OK, but I guess it’s time to start hitting up the resale shop again!


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