The Biggest Day of Her Life

This Sunday, Inara celebrated a monumental achievement. Biggest in her life so far I think, bigger than first words or first steps even. That’s right, SHE GOT TO TURN HER CAR SEAT AROUND and face the front!

Most kids get to do this sometime around their first birthday as most kids have already, or soon after, hit the required 20 – 22 pounds required to do so depending on the kind of seat you have. Well, we all know that sweet little Inara has firmly held down the bottom of the growth charts for some time now, so it wasn’t until a Doctors appointment on Friday that we finally surpassed that monumental number, which I may add we’d been to within a half a pound of since January! She has gained TWO pounds in the last two weeks and weighed in at 23.5!

The last time we moved her seat was when we traveled at Christmas. This is what we found this time.


— coming to you live from my iPhone.


4 thoughts on “The Biggest Day of Her Life

  1. The stuff under a car seat is the best excuse to not drive when you and a group of friends spontaneously decide to carpool:Coworker – “Let’s all go to Olive Garden for Lunch.”You – “Great idea, I’ll drive… Oh, yah, I’ll have to move the car seats.”Coworker – “Never mind, I’ll drive!”You – secret smile ;)But seriously, you are right that this is a fun milestone in your family’s life together – and just think all the fun our parents missed by just throwing us in the back seat to fend for ourselves.

  2. I’m excited for Inara! And wow – two pounds in two weeks??? Was she backed up at her appointment? If so that was a clever move on her part. 😉

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