Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Chris here.

So I’m going to make an actual post on here with real content and everything. I’m not even going to put 1 snake in this post either. I’m going to show off my other hobby of the moment.

How does my garden grow!?
It’s been several years since we’ve had vegetables. I think since we were in the apartment. We didn’t get very good sun then and therefore only got 3 tomatoes. We are still container gardening because the dogs would possibly kill any vegetables that were near the ground. Although i have some experiments going which I will show you. Dependent on those I may work to put vegetables in the ground next year.
First off let me talk about the fruits that were existent before this year. We have a Improved Meyer’s Lemon tree and a Satsuma Orange tree.
The lemon tree is doing great.

This is a top down view of the lemon tree. It’s in full bloom now and smells wonderful. I hope to get 30+ lemons this year. Last year was kind of a bust since we had a freeze after they bloomed in early January. We only got 1 lemon.
We also have a Satsuma orange tree. It has not done as well. I don’t know if it got too cold for it last year, but it has lost most of it’s leaves. It did not produce any fruit last year.

We are working on nursing this guy back to health. It was the first birthday present I got Courtney the year we got married (2004).
We also have a grape vine. The tag just says “red seedless grapes” so I’m not sure what the variety is. These were acquired in 2007. We have not had any grapes since the first couple years you are supposed to train the vine to grow in the shape you want.

Last I counted there were 25 potential bunches on the vine!!
To our fruit production this year we have added a plum tree. It’s a Santa Rosa plum. It only has 3-10 plums on it since they probably got knocked off in transportation.
Hopefully it does not attack the pool with it’s roots 😀
We also planted 6 watermelons.

They are wee itty bitty. These guys are planted directly in the ground and they are going to be my experiment to see how the dogs do with them.

Of course they have some protection. It will be interesting to see how the dogs do with them because the protection will not last long as these guys can take up 25 square feet of room each. Yikes! These are yellow flesh watermelons of the “Yellow Baby” variety. They supposedly have better tasting flesh than the red varieties. They are also somewhat small in the 6-10 pound range.
Last fruit we have is strawberries.

They are doing well and we picked 2 strawberries tonight! Yum!
On to the vegetables!

As you can see we are container gardening this year. We’ll see how it goes. It is working out good so far. It keeps them up off the ground so they can’t be trampled by the dogs and it makes things easier as there is no bending involved (what does this mean I’m getting old??)
Container 1.
Container 1 contains Brandywine tomatoes.
and Wintergreen mint
That is some powerful stuff!
Container 2 (large plastic pot).
Container 2 contains a “Big Jim” New Mexico green chilie.
It also has a “Burpless Bush Hybrid” cucumber.
We have a lot of cucumbers. I think they came in a dozen pack or something like that.
Container 3 (large plastic pot)
Container 3 only contains rosemary.
Container 4 (large terra cotta pot)
Container 4 contains the strawberries and 2 cucumber plants.
Container 5
Container 5 contains a Roma tomato
and a “Bonnie” green bell pepper
and a lemon basil
Container 6 (recycle bin)
What better use than to use the recycle bin which they replaced with a giant 96 gallon recycle trash can.
It contains 4 “Bonnie” green bell peppers and 2 “Burpless Bush Hybrid” cucumbers.
Container 7
Container 7 contains 4 “Bonnie” green bell peppers and 3 “Burpless Bush Hybrid” cucumbers.
Container 8 (plastic window box)
(no picture)
I knew I forgot to take pictures of something else. You can see it peeking in the background of the picture above. It’s a “window box” container. It contains dill, cilantro (coriander to you northerners), italian parsley and sweet basil.
Well that’s it for now.
Stay tuned next week as I describe the reproductive processes of Elaphe guttata guttata and the phenotype results of crossing a “Charcoal” and a “Bloodred”.

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