Real time blogging

Inara has had some rather yucky diarrhea the past couple days, so we she handed me her shoes and said “out” while pointing at the door, I was more than willing to go explore the front yard. After she hasn’t had much life in her the past couple days.

So now we’ve been hanging out by the front door for the past 15 minutes or so. Inara has enjoyed watching the traffic, pointing at the planes overhead, climbing on me, climbing in our front “flower bed”, and periodically yelling at the cats on the other side of the door. Personally I think she’s waiting for “Yaddy” to get home.

— coming to you live from my iPhone.


2 thoughts on “Real time blogging

  1. ok, but i don’t see any shoes on the childbut she at least looks like she is having fun and maybe feeling a tiny bit better, than goodness, i hope for everyones sake that it lasts.

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