The good, the bad, the not so great…

Well, here is the latest saga in the never ending sick that has consumed my home over the last three months.

On Friday Inara went to the Pediatrician for her 6 week weight recheck and to hopefully get her Polio vaccine since at her 18 month visit (6 weeks ago) she was diagnosed with strep, had a temp, and was deemed too sick to get the vaccine. While at the Doctors office, for what was supposed to be just a nurse visit (meaning we don’t see the doctor the nurse checks the vitals, weight and height, verifies things with the doctor then gives the vaccines if everything is fine) I mentioned that since Christmas (which is when it all started, with an ear infection right before we were supposed to fly to Ohio for the Holidays) Inara hasn’t really been well. She seems to have a persistent cough, low grade fever, and runny nose as well as bouts with more serious illnesses (a couple nasty colds, a 72 hour GI bug, strep etc.) and I was kinda sick of it and wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything more serious going on.

Well, the Doctor came in and talked about all that with me, as well as checked all Inara’s lymph nodes, abdomen, and her ears, eyes and throat. Her left ear was a bit pink, she decided to run another strep test, but other than that everything seemed within normal limits other than she’d been sick for three months basically. The Doctor said she wanted to do some lab work depending on the results of the strep test.

Well, the strep test came back positive again, so she postponed the labs and sent us home with with prescription for antibiotics and a recheck in two weeks. (at this point is where I say – please remind me to never do doctors visits on Fridays ever again, there are too many days between open office hours for things to go wrong that way.)

Starting a little bit on Friday night, then some more on Saturday, but very strongly on Sunday Inara started to develop a red blotchy rash. No fever, some diarrhea (not uncommon with both strep as well as with antibiotics) but big red blotches everywhere. Nervous, we started looking online (which I know is the worse thing a parent can do – trust me I got enough people at the vet clinic who did it and drove us nuts, I should know better) and were fearful that maybe she was developing Scarlet Fever – which stems from strep…

First thing this morning I called the pediatrician’s office (before I even got Inara out of bed) and made an appointment to be seen this morning. Then I got Inara up and dressed only to see that the rash had dissipated to a hardly noticeable amount. None the less we trucked it to the doctors, just to be safe.

While there I gave the symptoms (progressive and slowly worsening rash that seemed to be worse in the evenings in the mornings, really nasty bright red but smooth diaper rash, no fever, very wet cough which was effecting her sleep, some diarrhea). The doctor looked at her, looked in her ears and throat, confirmed that she now had an ear infection as well, but that her throat was looking better. Told me that the red blotches were hives and an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, but worst of all that Inara’s lung sounds were very weasy and she wanted to start breathing treatments to clear out and open up her airways.

*sarcastic* YAY! This is so much fun!

So, we received instructions on how to do the breathing treatments and Inara received the first one there in the office as well as a dose of Benadryl. The treatments last 10 minutes and Inara hated it! I ended up having to strap the face mask thingy to her head and pin her arms at her sides while she struggled and screamed and cried and tried to break free.

After getting our own portable nebulizer (which looks like a panda and is kinda cute actually) instructions, prescription for the albuteral for the nebulizer, new antibiotic prescription and dosage instructions for the benadryl we were on our way…

The next week is going to be so much fun, Inara gets the breathing treatments every 4 – 6 hours for two days then every 6 – 8 hours for two days then as needed for the next couple weeks. She also gets Benadryl every 6 hours as needed for the next few days to treat the hives until the other antibiotics are totally out of her system, and new antibiotics twice a day for 10 days, with a recheck appointment in three weeks.

I’ve also just been informed through the grape vine that it’s possible for the Dogs to have strep and transfer it to Inara (I didn’t know Strep was a zoonotic disease!) so I’ll probably end up having them taken to the vet as well for test that aren’t covered on our wellness plans and surely costly… YAY!

All I have to say is that if Inara isn’t in perfect health by our recheck in 3 weeks, the Doctor can keep her!

I am sick of this sick!

I have decided to wage war on germs in our house. I took out stock in Lysol products over the weekend buying three bottles of liquid Lysol concentrate to wash all of Inara’s clothes, bedding, and plush toys. We threw away all her sippy cups and plastic silverware to replace them anew as well as her toothbrush. We’ve put all of that as well as all her hard plastic toys through the dishwasher on sanitize. I’ve also bought Lysol spray to do the door knobs, flat surfaces and furniture (especially her crib) in her nursery and Lysol multi-purpose cleaner for the rest of the house including the dog kennels, floors and possibly the litter boxes.

We are getting over the sick once and for all or I may just lose my mind once and for all!

Hope the rest of you are having a better time of it than we seem to be!


2 thoughts on “The good, the bad, the not so great…

  1. When I saw your “prayer request” email, I knew exactly what it was before I even opened it! I am SO sad that Inara has been so sick these past few months- baby jail is terrible!! I’m so sorry- let me know if there is anything I can do- get groceries, pick up food for you two- anything!!

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