Post about posts, blog about blogs

OK, through Etsy I found out that there is a blog out there called: Etsy Giveaways, which as you may have surmised is a blog that posts about etsy shops or blogs giving away etsy items. After all, as their moto says, the only thing better than buying handmade is winning it! I’ve become a huge fan of etsy and often spend time scrolling through page after page of amazing products for every area of life wishing I had the money to spend on any and all of it. Whenever I am looking for something (such as earings for the Chapaign and Chandeliers party a friend through a couple months ago) I stop by etsy first. I love that I can support other people just like me out there trying to make a buck doing the crafty things they love to do. Not to mention the quality is awesome, and it’s just fun – like a giant craft show!
Well through the Etsy Giveaways blog, I found one that I LOVE, it’s a baby carrier, bib, and burp cloth all with pink skulls! How perfect for the little punk rock prom queen I’ve got now – and any others that may come along still. the giveaway is here at (I love this blog name) Confessions of a Sin City Craft Addict! Not what many of my mommy friends would pick out for their precious ones, but I LOVE it! lol then again I’m not exactly like many of my mommy friends in a lot of ways.

Along those lines, I also found this how to the other day: Magazine Bowls. I’ve seen these in lots of little shops and depending on the size they run upwards of $25 – $50! I’ve always thought they were super cool, and now I know how to make one. It’s totally going on my list of craft projects to do (you know, in case I ever run out lol!)

And, just to keep the cute factor up, here’s a picture of the little punk rock prom queen herself looking awesome and rocking out in a guitar and skulls t-shirt and pig tails:


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