We think your parents are hippys, and you’re just like them.

The title for this post is a direct quote from our dear friend, Mr. Luke Leppla. One Sunday morning right before our Bible Study was about to start he leaned forward from the row of seats behind me, tapped my shoulder and then told me that. You see, my parents had just come for a visit and during that visit our small group got together for a dinner which my parents also joined us at. The truth of the matter is that, yes my parents are hippys, and yes in many respects I am just like them. Also, this is a Lukeism that he will never live down.

Now you may wonder why I’m sharing all this with you. Well, it’s because the first time Chris ever saw this skirt (shortly after I bought it) he just looked at me, a huge grin on my face because I already knew what was coming, and said one word: Hippy.

I know the pictures aren’t great in detail on the skirt, but the were the best I could do. Basically, it’s a brownish skirt with crazy big bold flower prints all over it. It’s just awesome.

— coming to you live from my iPhone.


2 thoughts on “We think your parents are hippys, and you’re just like them.

  1. You SHOULD give Luke a hard time about that one – that said it’s another piece of the Courtney puzzle falling into place, so I thank him for that observation. 🙂

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