Michigan Part 2: SNOW!

Like I said, while we were in Michigan, they got a great (although small considering the normal) snow fall toward the end of our visit. We were excited by this, because 1) I WANTED TO SEE SNOW ON MY TRIP AND OHIO DIDN’T HAVE ANY. Have I mentioned lately that I miss winter and cold and snow. Yes I know that makes me weird, but it’s true none the less. and 2) I wanted Inara to see snow, and play in it, or at least experience it!

We had gotten her boots and a heavy winter coat during the trip, but we didn’t find any snow pants in her size. (side note: for all of you southerners who’ve never seen snow and don’t know what snow pants are let me explain: Snow pants are similar in material texture and warmth to a winter coat. They are thick and heavy and hopefully at least water replant to keep you dry and warm in the snow. They go on over your clothes and look a bit like overalls.) So we did the best we could and improvised. I put her in some thermal underwear that Luckily her Aunt Ruth had given her as a gift here in Texas (back home, we use it for PJs) then layered to more pairs of pants over that. She also had on two or three pairs of socks, two hats, two pairs of gloves, a shirt or two, and her heavy winter coat with hood. Kinda reminded me of A Christmas Story where Ralphie’s mom bundles up his little brother so much to go to school that he can’t put his arms down.

We all then proceeded outside to play. I think Inara lasted 15 or 20 minutes before she was done. I think Chris lasted 5. lol By far Mom (Grandma) and Aubrey and Jeffery spent the most time outside, sledding down the play slide and having a snow ball fight. Either way though, it was so much fun and great to spend a little time in the snow.

This is where the fun stopped for Inara:


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