Christmas Part 4: The plane

Inara’s first plane trip went smoothly enough. The first flight (SAT to MDW) went really well. She didn’t really fuss on take off or landing, other than she didn’t want to sit still and by the end was tired. This was a great blessing considering she also had an ear infection, can’t imagine flying like that would be any fun at all. Durring the first flight there was a little boy (I think he said he was either 8 or 10) that was sitting behind us and flying alone. He did a great job of keeping Inara entertained and she wandered back and forth between our row and his for a little while. Neither to Chicago, or onto Columbus was crowded, and we got a whole row to ourselves both flights. It made things much eaisier and nicer. From Chicago to Columbus, we finally got her to take a nap and she fell asleep with Chris. Poor guy couldn’t even use his iPhone well to keep himself enteretained. Luckily for him (and not so luckily for the nap schedual) it was a short flight.

She looked so cute and peacefull though, all snuggled up and sleeping in Daddy’s arms.

Our view out the window coming into Columbus not bad considering it was taken with my iPhone.


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