Christmas Part 2: Ohio

On Christmas day we flew to Ohio (Inara’s first ever plain trip!) We left San Antonio, had a layover in Chicago and our final destination was Columbus Ohio. From there we managed to (just barely) fit all of us and our bags into the car and drive with my parents up to Elyria. It was a long day, but man being “home” was so worth it.

It was wonderful to be able to spend time with my parents, friends from both high school and collage and have a little time to relax. However, I say that anyone and everyone that has in the past or may in the future sleep on my parents sofa bed pitch in for Christmas 2009 and buy a new mattress for them! Oh man, not so fun actually. :-p

Inara loved the fact that there were stairs and plants. I think those were her two favorite things, oh that and the fact that here parents weren’t as busy as normal so she got to play and cuddle a lot more!

A day or two after we arrived, we exchanged Christmas stockings, which was so much fun! I forgot all the random stuff my parents put in stockings! Inara even got an awesome ball (it’s really a cat toy) that I think may be her favorite gift from all of Christmas.

We also got a chance to hang out with friends, first at Denny’s (oh, there’s no place like it!) and then carry the party back to my parents, for some awesome Munchkin playing!

We had a great time in Ohio, and really wish we could travel more to see all our family, all over the US!


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