18 months

I know I’ve said it already, but seriously, where has the last year and a half gone!? It seems like only yesterday (ok, maybe last week sometime) we were taking these pictures the night we got home from the hospital:

She really did look like a little china doll didn’t she. I didn’t realize it then, but I sure do see it now looking back. Especially since she slept all the time.

But it wasn’t yesterday (or last week, or even last month), that was 18 fast (yet very long) months ago. Now our precious little girl is 20 pounds 8 ounces and 30 inches long (still in the 5th and 10th percentiles respectively). She walks, talks, talks back, and loves to giggle (which will warm the hearts of anyone around, yes, even you non-breeders).

Her favorite things are to read books (or have them read to her) favorites among them include: Hand Hand Finger Thumb (which I now have memorized, quite literally) and Doggies. She loves to play outside in any weather at any activity. We play in the yard in the afternoon often, she wanders around while I do some yard work, or we play with bubbles. We also go to the zoo a lot, and go on walks or play at one of the local parks. She is starting to want to do things herself, including trying to figure out how to put on her socks and shoes (which she is adept at taking off), and when it comes to food it’s all her. She will let you put the food on a fork or spoon for her, but she has to be the one to put it in her mouth!

Her favorite foods are Bananas (the one constant), canned oranges (thanks Auntie Lexi), ham cubes, yogurt, animal crackers, graham crackers, and milk. She isn’t a bit fan of meats, but we’ve found a little ketchup or BBQ sauce goes a long way. She also likes to go out to eat with us, her favorite places are CiCis Pizza, Souper Salad, and Chick-fil-a (where she is even big enough now to climb up the play scape all by herself. Of course she is afraid to go into the tubes so she just gets stuck at the top and either I have to climb up after her or ask a bigger kid to help her down.) She is also learning to enjoy breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana now.

She is usually just a pleasure to be around, but, just like the rest of us she sure has her moments (days, weeks) where it’s not as much fun. Usually when she’s sick (which she has been lately) or if we’ve been home too much and not out doing things. She loves to get dirty, explore, and play in the water bowl (STILL!!! UGH!) and is the perfect balance of little lady (she will sit and cross her legs as in the picture above, and loves her dresses and skirts) and tom boy (she’ll get down in the dirt and muck as fast as any little boy, and she loves to play with leaves).

It has been so much fun to watch her personality develop, and I never know what she’s going to do, or bring me, next.

Her speech (and sign language) are really starting to develop. Mostly commonly used words are Daddy, and Uh-oh. Close follow ups are Doggie and Kitty, but she is finally starting to say Mommy!! She will sign quite a bit now too, indicating when she wants a drink, wants something to eat, or more of something.

Oh, and she LOVES to dance! Put on some music and she’ll be there dancing, and clapping. I promise I’ll have video soon – I’m going to go charge the battery for the camcorder right now!


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