I think I found it

I think I found a 5K to run in. Apparently San Antonio doesn’t really have any sponsored runs other than full marathons or more (and not even very many of those). If I missed something and you, my readers, know of some that I couldn’t find please let me know. In the mean time I went looking for runs in the area (no further in distance than Austin in any direction) and found a couple. The least expensive and closest option is this race in San Marcos: Speak Up For Kids CASA 5K. It runs the same time as the anual Sam Marcos half-marathon on March 1st. I figure I am already on week 3 of my 8 week training podcast which means (in theory at least) I should be ready to run a 5k in about 5 weeks. This race is 6 weeks from this coming Sunday. So, while it may be pushing it just a tad, it’ll be good motivation. Besides, if nothing else, like Chris said, I can walk parts of it and it doesn’t matter. At this point it’s not like I’m in it to win it. If I register between now and 2/21 it’s only $15 – $20 depending on if I want to go with the timed (competitive) race or just the fun race.

I know some of you said you’d do it with me, so really now, any takers?


3 thoughts on “I think I found it

  1. I was SO excited and about to say “I’m in!” and then I realized I committed to lead the sunday school kids in singing in big church that day…..if for some reason that date gets changed…which it may….i’m definitely there….the half marathon is tempting….am i crazy? no, i’m not training so a 5k it should be.

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