Reflections and Accountability

“Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. And that You always hear Me, but for the sake of the people standing by, I say this…”
~John 11:41-42

God knows our hearts, our dreams and wishes. He knows our goals and desires. God also knows the thoughts and fears that hold us back, He hears the whispers Satan hushes into our ears that detour us from the things He would have us accomplish. God knows all these things without us having to say a single thing, “but for the sake of the people standing by, I say this…” yet he wants us to say things out loud, for others to hear. If we play our cards close to our chest and keep all our thoughts (good and bad) to ourselves its the same as locking our hearts in Alcatraz and never allowing anyone to free us from the prison. It is for this reason that I came before all of you last week with the numbers that I hated and the goals I set for myself, because I know that if I don’t say these things out loud that I would never accomplish them, because no one would know my fears or goals and no one would hold me accountable to them.

It’s been 9 days and I have news and an update.

I said that my goal was the gym three times a week (Mon. Wed. Sat.) well, I made it twice, on Mon. and Wed. and I also have had to change it so that I will be going on Mon. Wed. and Fri. in the future. I also got there again this morning and got on the scale.

Down a pound! That puts me at 217 now, just a little closer to the end. 🙂

I have been following the “Podcast for Running: Couch to 5k in 8 weeks” program, and am now starting week 3. I felt so great today after the podcast run was over I decided to keep going. So instead of what would have been a 25 minute work out (warm-up to cool down) I did 35 minutes (start to finish) which is 5 minutes longer than I had been doing before. I am happy with that. I also did strength training every time as well.

Chris also showed me an iPhone app that I’ve been using too. It’s called “Lose It!” and it keeps track of a daily caloric budget, the foods you eat, exersize, and your weight. You can imput custom foods and recipes as well if the list of things they have doesn’t have something you ate or made. You set up the app with your starting weight, goal weight and how much you want to lose each week (in an ideal setting) you can also ask it to budget fewer calories as well if you want a buffer zone or to lose weight faster. You can also ask it to track other neutrients (fat, fiber, sodium, cholestoral, calcium, protien etc.) on a daily and weekly basis.
I have found it to be really helpful and much easier to use than say a WW tracker.

Over all I’m pleased with my first week in the weightloss and fitness center. I hope that all of you are making your goals happen too!


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