Watching others make memories

Over the past year, as many of you know since you are one of them, almost 3/4 of our friend base (here or elsewhere) has added to their family. In most cases it was a first child, but in some it was a second or third child. Inara seems to have started the trend, but since her, we have about 20 close friends who’ve had kids! The shear magnatude of that number astounds me.

I read more “mommy blogs” than my past single self would have cared to think about, and obviously author one myself. I love to read and witness my firends parent their children. Often you only get to see the good side on blogs, so I always take it with a grain of salt since I know no one has perfect kids or husbands or dogs no matter what the outside picture may look like. None the less, it really is a beutiful thing to sit back and admire these growing families. I love to read and look at pictures as people talk about the memories they are making with their children, or their children are making for them. The times when toys or books or play times bring up memories of our own past childhoods.

For instance, Inara got a Dressy Bessy for Christmas. Now I know that some of you who are on the younger side that read my blog will have no recollection of this doll what so ever, unless you saw it yourself on the shelves of the store this Christmas. However, I LOVED mine growing up, and can still remember dragging here everywhere, clothes hanging open and shoe laces untied.

Just like our friend Meg who talks about reading “The Tall Book” to her son Jack because she has fond memories of reading that exact book with her dad growing up. There is also Kate, who has toys out for Pierson (and friends) to play with from when she was little, and when her grandma was little too! Kate, coincidentally also has a cupboard in her living room that, while I have no idea what she actually uses it for, reminds me of the cupboard in my Grandma Root’s living room where she kept the coloring books and games and toys for us grandkids to play with while we were visiting.

Our other friend Amy just posted about how her Daughter is starting ballet lessons through a local church. The pictures she put up are absolutely priceless, almost like the first day of school getting on the bus kind of pictures.

Other friends, the Rowland’s, posted over the holidays how they are starting the tradition of making Christmas cookies with their daughter Addison. Something Emily did growing up with her Mom, and now Addison gets to do with Grandma too.

Sometimes, I read these posts and look at all the pictures and wonder if I’m doing enough with Inara, taking enough pictures, writing enough down, so that the memories will be made and kept. Sometimes I read the posts about them sharing bible stories or how they prayed for the children from the moment of conception and I feel inadequate as a Christian mother and the biblical example I’m setting for my Daughter.

Mostly, I read these posts and smile because I know that even if only for the brief outing to the zoo, or the short story time, or whatever it may have been about, there was a little bit more joy, happiness, and contentment in that home, and really, doesn’t that make everything better.

So, I send this post out to all my mommy friends, with a big firm Thank You attached. Thank you for letting me (and all your other readers) share in the happiness of your home, and in the blessings of your family.


5 thoughts on “Watching others make memories

  1. Kate,They make one called a Dapper Dan that’s designed for boys, my brother had one! I can only assume if they re-released Dressy Bessy then Dapper Dan is out there again too. I think my sister-in-law said she got it at Khols.

  2. Oh Elena would have LOVED that doll this last year -sadly she’s coming out of that stage, now. I likewise enjoy reading about YOUR family, and how sweet your family life is. Oh and get ready for some “real life”, not so sweet posts coming from my blog regarding my failure at potty-training. 🙂

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