Not exactly a small step, but a giant leap none the less.

Well, 3 years, more money and time than I want to think about, and much worry and uncertainty later, I’ve finally done it. I’ve placed my first items online for other people the world over to look at, scrutinize, and (hopefully) buy. I decided last month that it would be easier to start using someone elses set up rather than continue messing with and trying to run my own site. So I registered for Etsy, a great community of shops that make me feel like I’m at a giant craft fair. Tonight, after finally finding the pictures Lexi took last summer of my stuff, I listed my first three blankets.

Go forth, spread the word, and those of you who already own my lovely work, tell people how awesome it is and everyone buy some so I feel validated in my craft. 😀

My Etsy Shop


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