Pony Tails, Pink Petticoats, Pictures, PJs and Play Time

OK, so for starters, it’s not a petticoat technically, it’s a… well, I’m not sure what the techincal name for it is, but who cares. And yes, I know that it was a lot of alliteration, but I don’t care, it’s fun and I’ve been working on that title for… days. πŸ˜€

The biggest thing for the first three “P”s is simply me showing off how cute Inara looked at church on Sunday. We got so many compliments about her dress that I simply had to share.

The dress is the same one my mom made for Inara’s dedication back in July, only with the whole shebang: ruffled bloomers, dress, and overdress thing (the one I called a petticoat and isn’t since a petticoat goes under the dress). And, yes mom, I know the dress part is on backwards, but the collar looks cuter that way.

Sunday also marks the first time I “styled” Inara’s curls in the back. I put the tinyest amount of gel back that and it helped a little but not enough that it’s going to be a habbit or anything. :-p

You may also notice her cute little ponytail and bow. Well, a few weeks ago, fed up with everyone else’s cute little girls with their cute hair, I went and bought some small hair friendly rubber bands. I think two Sundays ago was the first time I fought with Inara to get the cute little “fountin” on top of her head. This Sunday was the second time. Then it was a little easier and a little easier. So Monday we did it again. Then because she didn’t get a bath, her hair was already shapped that way so I just popped the hair tie in on Tuesday. It was so cute.

I’ve started letting her have some play time in the mornings while still in her PJs before she eats breakfast and gets dressed. So because she had her hair tied back and was in her dino PJs on Tuesday morning, and playing with her VeggieTales Nativity set, I had to snap some pictures!

The Nativity

I don’t know if you can tell, but she is eating the “sheep” which are the peas in this case.

She was playing with the singing Laura Carrot angel and star on top and it all fell over. “Uh Oh”

Then, today. I had the girls in their Kennels with the doors just shut but not locked (or at least is Daisy’s case) and Inara decided she wanted to climb in and have some good ol’ Daisy Doodle snuggle time.


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