General things worth noting

This post is going to be random and picture less, deal with it. 😉

~Chris taught Inara how to dip her food. So now she likes to dip her french fries in catchup (and then suck off the lovely red condiment and repeat until the fri either becomes uninteresting or soggy). Last night at dinner we had steak and creamed corn… you can see where this is going. Yeup, you guessed it, her steak bites got dipped in cream corn juice. Chris then gave her some BBQ sauce, but she only stuck her fingers in that and sucked them clean for the most part. I keep meaning to get a video, but then I remember our camcorders battery is dead and I need to charge it.

~I’m finally catching up with my Christmas gift giving deadlines. I have all but 3 gifts at least started, and I have over half that are half done or more. I even have one fully done. Only one gift to buy stuff for still, and since I’ve only just decided what that gift will be, I’m cutting myself some slack there. I can’t wait till after the holidays so I can post pictures of all my hard work! The only people not getting something at least semi-home made are Inara (at this point at least), Alexis’ dogs, and um, I think that’s it. Also excited about the fact that I finally know what I’m going to get Chris. I hope he likes it as much as I am happy with it. *shrug*

~Today we are taking Inara on her first service/outreach/whatever project. Our Sunday School class volunteers a few times a year with an organization called One Way, and the serve as bible leaders for some Apartments is a not so great part of town. This Sunday Chris and I are going for the first time to help, and we are taking Inara with us. I promise to try and take pictures if the opportunity arises.

~I also finally started addressing our Christmas cards, not much headway there, but I’m not as concerned with those and a shipping deadline. After all, we’ve only gotten 2 in the mail so I don’t feel like other people are more on track with that then us at least. :-p


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