My greatest sacrifice yet… or the great crayon escapade.

For some of you this post will serve to confirm that I am indeed nuts, for others, consider this your warning. The post that follows portrays some of my deepest craziness. 🙂

So, one of my favorite things in all the world is coloring, specifically with crayons, specifically crayolas. One of my most favorite scents is a fresh box of crayolas, before they get used and start to smell like was and paper instead of wonderful fresh wax and pigment and possibilities. Yes, like I said, this is some of my deepest crazy. 🙂

So, this of course means that I want Inara to color, use crayolas, and love it as much as I do. So far in this endeavor I have fallen supremely short. For her 1st birthday we got her a pack of Crayola TaDoodles Crayons and a large pad of news print. She didn’t want to do anything but chew on them and sit on the paper. I thought, OK she’s not ready yet. I give her a month or so, and pulled them out again. She trys to mimic me and draw on the paper but she’s holding the thing upside down so it wont mark. So I find a box of my crayons and discover that I do indeed own a box of BIG crayons, the ones made for little hands. She likes those better but quickly loses interest after banging the crayons on the paper for a few minutes.

So I figure I’ll wait again and see if I can find something more suited for little hands and then try again. Imagine my delete when I find this: Crayon Nibbles. It shows how to take regular crayons and melt them down into kid friendly ones instead. Well, now my two inner selves were dueling. One really wanted to try anything that might help my amazing daughter learn the wonders of putting crayola to paper and the other was aghast at the thought of taking perfectly good crayons, breaking them to bits, and melting them.

I bookmarked the site and decided to wait some more.

Back to school specials put 24 packs of crayolas at 20 cents a pop. I still can’t bring myself to do it.
Finally this morning the part of me wanting to find anything to keep Inara occupied and happy during the flights to and from Ohio at Christmas won over the side of me mortified at “ruining” crayons. It won enough that not only did I decide to do it, I used my own crayons and now I have one box left of 12, 24, and 16 crayolas.

I sacrificed my treasured crayons for my Daughter… it was much harder than you would think.
Please give me a second here while I allow my inner crazy to calm down a bit.

The online guide said “Arrange two to three like colors in each slot”, that made my OCD twitch a little because things are supposed to be color organized. Yes, I sit down with each new box of crayons and organize the colors so that all the greens are together, and they transition into the yellows which transition into oranges and then reds and then purples and then blues and then the neutrals then the “others” (brown, copper etc). Watch out for my Inner crazy, you might get some on you too.

So I compromised with myself. I made a small pot of solid colors (primaries, secondaries and black) and then arranged pretty like colors.

I also made one that was grey, black, and white.

Striping and breaking enough crayons was a bit of a challenge. Each pot took about 3 crayons. Needless to say I used every crayon in those three boxes except maybe 3 or 4.

The ugliest combo was of course, mauvelous, salmon and carnation pink:

The prettiest was a purple blend, it had Purple Mountains Majesty, Wisteria, and I think Blue Violet.

When all was said and done, I stuck them in the preheated oven and set my timer.

I was then amazed as the wonderful aroma of new crayon filled my house, and I though to myself, that so far, that made everything worth it.

When they were melted (some melted really fast others weren’t totally done, but I took them all out any way) I removed them from the oven and let them sit on the stove for 20 minutes or so.

Then I put them in the freezer for about a half hour as instructed.

When I popped them out of the tins, a couple broke and several had cracks, so I let them sit on the table and come to room temp before attempting to play.

Then I set out to get some fun going. I pulled out Inara’s pad of news print, moved all the crayons to the floor by the paper (a couple more broke here) and called Inara into the room.

She liked the little disks but wanted nothing to do with applying pigment to paper. Instead she pushed, slammed, tried to chew, and sat on them. 5 minutes later I was the only one who had colored at all. All but 6 disks were broken, and I wanted to cry.

I picked up the 6 unbroken crayons and moved them to Inara’s room with the other unsuccessful crayons and then… (here is the part that makes me almost cry) thre away the broken pieces as they were now all a mess, getting crayon parts everywhere, and most importantly, a choking hazard.


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